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What comes to mind when you think of pigs? Maybe spending time outside in the sunshine or being with all your pig-pals and eating whatever you find in your trough, which is probably a little bit of everything. Sounds cool, right? We thought so, too. Now think of surfin’ pigs. Yep, we just went from cool to awesome, which is what we do here at The Surf’n Pig BBQ in Avon Outer Banks: We take your typical BBQ from cool to awesome.

The Surf'n Pig BBQ believes the most important part of a family vacation is just that – spending time with your family. When you’re going to every grocery and convenience store on the beach, running errands, those precious hours that you thought would be spent with your family turn into hours spent behind the wheel, yelling at that Subaru in front of you to just turn already. We make your job easier. The Surf’n Pig BBQ gives you one spot where you can get fresh deli meats and cheeses, flatbreads, charcoal for grilling and a tasty meal. And if you’re really pressed for time or don’t want to make the drive, just give us a call and we’ll deliver it right to your door.

And don’t forget that this is North Carolina, people! The Surf’n Pig BBQ has some of the freshest Outer Banks barbeque prepared by trained chefs with an affinity for sauces and seasoning. If you stop by in the morning, you can enjoy our coffee bar and selection of breakfast treats.

So stop all the errands and get back to enjoying your family’s company. This wave-riding hog’s got your back.